Taffyta Muttonfudge 720p HD

WOOHOO! I'm big to clearly see my pose! 720p HD! ~Taffyta Muttonfudge

  • Homeplace: Sugar Rush, Kryssa Lane Koch's home.
  • Born: 1997 (age 20)
  • Years active: 1997 - 2016, 2017 - present.
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Hair color: bob-cut platinum blonde
  • Eyes color: deep periwinkle/blue
  • Scheme: Hot pink
  • Activity: Active since 2017
  • Minions: Sugar Rush Racers
  • Last known status: Alive


  • Adorabeezle Winterpop, Gloyd Orangeboar, Candlehead, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Jubileena Bing Bing, Minty Zaki, Snowanna Rainbeau, Crumbelina DiCaramello, Vanellope von Schweetz


Latest infoEdit

Taffyta Muttonfudge is a chaarcter in the real-life series 2016-2017 drama, and the upcoming 2017-2018 drama. She stars Kryssa Lane Koch as the same casting appearance. Unfortunately, Gracie Mayse is starred by Charlene Choi Cheuk-yin, Kylie Eubanks is starred by Kym Jin Sha. She is starred by Angela Napoli, Kryssa Koch, Vicki Zhao Wei. Unfortunately, Taffyta still stars Margo Gru in the new Despicable Me 3, Jolin Tsai plays.


Taffyta Muttonfudge is a minor antagonist in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. She is a prominent racer from the game Sugar Rush and drives a pink, hard candy kart called "Pink Lightning", and her racing theme seems to be strawberry hard candy, and actress Mindy kaling.


Official DescriptionEdit

Taffyta Muttonfudge: Serious Competition

The lollipop-lickin' Taffyta Muttonfudge is a top-notch racer in the game Sugar Rush. She is a fierce competitor who keeps her eyes on the prize and isn't afraid to derail anyone who gets in her way. Though King Candy is Sugar Rush's reigning racing champion, Taffyta always manages to give him a run for his money with her wicked driving skills.


Taffyta Muttonfudge is a skilled racer from the game Sugar Rush, where she is known to be second only to King Candy, whom she admires and respects. Due to her accomplishments, her ego and confidence have inflated and made her arrogant and cocky. Taffyta is also quite charismatic and can put on quite a charming front; she is evidently popular and the leader of the group of Sugar Rush racers, with Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter being her closest friends. She tends to be bossy and somewhat crass to her competitors, likely because she doesn't see them as her equals. Taffyta's most frequent target for bullying is Vanellope, whom she believes is a glitch capable of getting this game unplugged. Being unquestionably loyal to King Candy, Taffyta takes it upon herself to stop Vanellope from racing, and even influences the other racers to join her endeavors, bullying Vanellope in a truly cruel and abusive manner.

At the end of the movie, when Vanellope is revealed to be the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, Taffyta is truly remorseful and immediately apologizes for her actions. She shows that despite her attitude, she is mature enough to admit her mistakes. Taffyta is also very dramatic in her emotions, especially in fear, sadness, or anger; she is prone to wailing and bursting into tears whenever she is upset. In the tie-in book, One Sweet Race, which takes place after the movie, Taffyta still apparently enjoys teasing others, which hints that she is just programmed to be arrogant.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Taffyta is a small girl with Chibi-like proportions: she has a large head in relation to a small body. Taffyta has tan skin and a bob-cut platinum blonde hair with low front bangs that cover her dark brown eyebrows. She has a small and rosy jellybean-like nose, and her deep periwinkle eyes are large and animesque. She has thick dark upper and lower lashes that are varnished in mascara, and has rosy cheeks and glossy red lips. She is almost always seen sucking on a strawberry lollipop.

Taffyta's ensemble is almost entirely comprised of shades of pink. She wears a frosted strawberry-themed cap (resembling that of Strawberry Shortcake's, whom is possibly the inspiration for her design) or helmet on her head that doubles as a visor when she's racing. Underneath her hot pink racing jacket, she wears a lighter, frosted pink dress and white-and-pink striped leggings with matching sneakers. She tops her outfit off with white racing gloves.



  • Taffyta is born in the hospital, when the doctors are using their skills for her parents.


  • Taffyta attends the high school*, starting her carrer as a Sugar Rush Racer.

Wreck-It RalphEdit

After a grand day of racing, the arcade closes and the racers of Sugar Rush prepare to pay their fee (one gold coin) to race in the daily Random Roster Race. The first racers across the finish line in the race will represent Sugar Rush as the following day's avatars. Being the second most successful racer in the game, Taffyta deposits her coin after King Candy. Suddenly, Vanellope, in disguise, uses a gold medal from a game-jumping video game villain named Wreck-It Ralph to get herself into the race. King Candy orders his security team, Wynnchel and Duncan, to capture her, but Ralph's accidental interference allows Vanellope to escape. When Taffyta notices this, she puts it into her own hands to prevent the glitch from racing. Vanellope heads to the junkyard where she puts the finishing touches on her makeshift, peddle-powered kart. Taffyta and the other racers arrive at the junkyard and command Vanellope to drop out, as King Candy told her glitches can't race. Vanellope refuses and Taffyta begins to destroy her kart. The other racers join Taffyta in destroying the kart as well. In an attempt to make her stop, Vanellope pulls Taffyta away from the kart, but this angers her to the point she jabs her and pushes her into a mud puddle. Ralph comes and sees this and, even though Vanellope had stolen his medal but was unable to stand Taffyta bullying her, chases Taffyta and the other racers away.

Taffyta is later seen at the Random Roster Race and is in second place, behind King Candy and ahead of Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter. They see Vanellope with a new kart and try to run her off the track with cherry bombs. As they drive into a cannon, however, Vanellope suddenly glitches in front of them. This spooks the three into spinning out, and they miss the higher part of the course when they are shot out of the cannon, falling into a cupcake frosting below. Rancis is shocked, Candlehead freaks out over her candle being blown out, and Taffyta starts crying. When the Cy-Bugs attack, Taffyta (even though she was never seen) and the other citizens of the game retreat to Game Central Station. After King Candy is revealed as Turbo and is defeated, Vanellope crosses the finish line and Taffyta's memory is restored, turning out that King Candy has messed with Vanellope's programming and she is actually the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, a princess.

Horrified at what they have been doing, the racers apologize, blaming Taffyta for making them bully Vanellope. Taffyta apologizes as well, but Vanellope says she will have her and the other Sugar Rush racers executed for being mean to her, driving them into panic and causing Taffyta and the others to cry about their impending death. Vanellope reveals she is just joking and accepts her apology. Shortly after, Taffyta and the other racers gather around Vanellope, and Taffyta gives Vanellope a thumbs up as they reconcile and become friends. Taffyta makes a final appearance with the rest of the film's characters at the wedding of Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun.

Wreck it Ralph 2Edit

Taffyta Muttonfudge will return in Wreck it Ralph 2 to meet again in Sugar Rush around March 9th, 2018. But, as according to news, Wreck-it Ralph 2 will release as the same date.

Real Life: 2013-presentEdit

Starting August 2013, her appearance was the same as Vicki Zhao Wei's actress, similar to Margo Gru in Despicable Me.


Unfortunately, Taffyta Muttonfudge makes same appearance. She wore the outfits, like the Racerback Bra (white, gray, black), and rarely the White Dress inside her jacket, just like Vicki Zhao Wei's actress. Also, Kryssa wears gray T-Shirt with cyan short sleeves, and black racerback bra, and someday, Kryssa wears a white tank dress with black racerback bra inside her shirt/jacket.

April-June 2017Edit

The time flies. Taffyta Muttonfudge has turned 20, she's still stars Kryssa Lane Koch in the drama action series. In her appearance, she wore a black women's bra inside her clothes when she appeared again in April. On April 6th, Kryssa wore a peach and black-and-white striped racerback bra with her bow inside her clothes.

August 2017Edit

Taffyta will appear as Kryssa, starting Episode 1 in 2017-2018 drama. She wore a black racerback lacey bra inside her clothes.


  • "Taffyta" is actually a portmanteau of "Tabitha" and "Taffy".
  • Her name is made up of 3 different foods: taffy, mutton and fudge.
  • Though her role in the film is relatively small, Taffyta was one of the most heavily marketed characters from the film.
  • During the time of the film's release, Taffyta's voice actress, Mindy Kaling, used a promotional image of Taffyta as her Twitter icon.
  • Taffyta wears dark brown or black mascara, and it can be seen running down her face as she sobs during Vanellope's execution joke.
  • Taffyta is the only Sugar Rush racer who wears a dress beneath her racing jacket; all the other female racers wear a top and a miniskirt.
  • She's also the only racer that has gloves.
  • In the film, she shares a similar role with Gene, whom antagonizes Ralph, telling him that he will never be a hero as his only purpose is to wreck the building. Comparatively, Taffyta tells Vanellope she will never be a racer, because she is nothing more than a glitch.
  • Taffyta plays Jolin Tsai (Margo Gru, where Jolin sing in the concert, such as Love Love Love, or We're All Different, Yet the Same) in Despicable Me 3. Edith Gru is posed like this racer.
  • She is starred in the University, as of 2016. Unfortunately, Jolin Tsai is starred.


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Stay Sweet Taffy!
Taffyta Sugar Rush
Wreck-It Ralph Taffyta Muttonfudge

Taffyta's Racing Kart is "Pink Lightning".

Taffyta Muttonfudge Background
Taffyta Muttonfudge Actress
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  • 张智霖 (Julian Cheung)
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  • 動物森林 電視劇《虎媽貓爸》 片头曲 - 範瑋琪
  • Introduction of the Princess by Ruby Lin
  • 傾聽我 by Ruby Lin 电视剧制作许可证: 甲第186号
  • Falling Flower Ruby Lin, a ROBLOX Music Video!
  • OST Fairy Fox (白狐) 发行许可证: (粤)剧审字(2012)第028号
  • 入陣曲 (蘭陵王 (電視劇))
  • 手掌心 - 丁噹 (Della Wu Dang) (電視劇 蘭陵王片尾曲)
  • 雨蝶 (還珠格格 片尾曲)
  • 以下時段,翡翠台與高清翡翠台 將進行同步廣播,一同享受視聽震撼!
  • 以下時段,翡翠台與高清翡翠台 將進行分途廣播,提供雙重精彩!
  • 陳慧琳 sings 每日種一個願望, 记事本 with Steve Chou 周傳雄
  • 花千骨 插曲: 愛殤
  • 非常完美 主题曲: 难得有情人
  • 曾经的约定 (傾世皇妃 插曲) - 林心如, BY2
  • 雕花笼 (电视剧 美人心计 插曲) - 董贞 (ROBLOX Titanic: 1st Class / VIP, Crew Member / Super VIP, Captain / Outrageous VIP, The site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon! Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Please check back shortly! (Back to ROBLOX), Unexpected error with your request, plesse try again in a few moments / Requested page not found, You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. / Access Denied - Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this page!)
  • 王菲 - 容易受伤的女人(国语)
  • Love love Love by Jolin Tsai Y-Lin (蔡依林)
  • 連續劇 (On Call 36小時 II 片尾曲, On Call 36小時 主題曲) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung)
  • 渡情 (又见白娘子 片尾曲)) - 左宏元、张慧清 (电视剧制作许可证:甲第221号)
  • 相思 (西游记后传) - 毛阿敏
  • Proud of You - Fiona Fung
  • My Pride (我的驕傲) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung) (国语,粤语)
  • A little love - Fiona Fung
  • 世上只有 (Only You in The World) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung)
  • 何紫慧 - I Do (TVB劇集"Only You 只有您"主題曲)
  • 劉詩詩-等你的季節 (Scarlet heart Ending Theme Song 2)
  • 乌龙闯情关 片尾曲: 太多
  • 远处有座山 - 曹芙嘉 (寶蓮燈前傳 片尾曲)
  • 你是我的 - 蘇有朋 (刁蛮公主 片尾曲) 乙第17298号
  • 不能和你分手 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第一部 主題曲)
  • 自從有了你 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第二部 主題曲)
  • 有一個姑娘 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第一部 & 第二部 片尾曲)
  • 你是风儿我是沙 梦里 - Ruby 林心如 (還珠格格 第二部 片尾曲)
  • 花太香 (白蛇传说 插曲) - 任贤齐
  • 神鵰俠侶 (2014年電視劇) 片头曲 《浩瀚》 (发行许可证号 : (京)剧审字(2014)第067号)
  • Romantic Love (OST Sophie's Revenge) - Jessie Chiang
  • 射鵰英雄傳 2008 主題曲 - Ronald Cheng 鄭中基 (电视剧发行许可证: (广剧)剧审字(2008)第050号)
  • OST The Little Fairy - S.H.E, Tank.
  • 你我(神鵰俠侶 片尾曲)(陳妍希& 陳曉) 华夏视听环球传媒(北京)股份有限公司 制作许可证号: 甲第203号
  • Meet Girl (sophie's Revenge) - Cho Kyu Chan
  • 射鵰英雄傳 2008 片尾曲 (电视剧制作许可证号码: 甲第008号)
  • 天師鍾馗之美麗傳說 片尾曲 - 浙江華策影視股份有限公司 (电视剧拍摄制作许可证编号码:乙第11282号)
  • 華視主頻收播
  • 江南 - 林俊杰 (VIP for Lemonade Stand Tycoon - by PacificTycoons, aka SupaSonic4ever)
  • 原谅我过去不懂 (精卫填海主题曲) - 李殊
  • 原谅 - 刘瑞琦, 張玉華
  • 还是好朋友 (Still Best Friends) - Maria Cabrera Estrella (Cyndi Wang/王心凌)
  • 不是因为寂寞才想你 - T.R.Y (Cyndi Wang/王心凌, Gracie Mayse (Charlene Choi/蔡卓妍), Kryssa Koch (Jolin Tsai/蔡依林), insaneheadspace: Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge - Annnnnd, so happy to see there is a mini-mouse game (just like in Delicious)!! Check you have found the mouse for each day by looking at the Calendar/level summary page; Platinum Edition Free and Fast and No Captcha Download Links; Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Trophies - Select a trophy to see how to achieve it.)
  • 风雨无阻 by 周华健
  • 爱情专属权 (电影 西遊記之大鬧天宮 插曲) - 龍梅子&老貓
  • 天使的翅膀 (电视剧 傾世皇妃 片尾曲)- 安琥
  • 得意的笑 (御前四宝主题曲) - 李天华 (广剧)剧审字(2005)第035/635号)
  • 青蛙最伟大 (御前四宝片尾曲) - 孙逊, 馨梓 (制作许可证号:甲第061号)
  • 我会好好的 - Maria Cabrera Estrella (Cyndi Wang/王心凌) (Activate Windows - Go to Settings to activate Windows. 激活Windows - 转到“设置”以激活Windows。)
  • 忘了爱 - 梁碧友 (Windows 7 内部版本7601 此Windows副本不是正版)
  • 無心害你 - Susanna Kwan (关菊英) (TVB剧 溏心風暴之家好月圓 主题曲)(发行许可证号:(粤)剧审字(2008)第126号,制作许可证号:乙第11000号)
  • 陳法拉- 愛情轉駁(TVB劇集"誘情轉駁"主題曲)
  • 弃权(国语),心淡(粤语) - Sally Milligan (Joey Yung/容祖兒)
  • 我曾经最爱的女人 - 刘尊&郭彤
  • 為什麼相愛的人不能在一起 - Jacky Zheng
  • 原来我是第三者 - 威仔、格子兮,刘增瞳、箱子君
  • 讓全世界知道我愛你 - 六哲 賀敬軒
  • 新娘不是我 - 程响
  • 不像话 (Nothing To Say) - 吕蔷
  • 谁在意我留下的泪
  • 咱们结婚吧
  • 我的快乐就是想你
  • 沒有你陪伴真的好孤單 - 夢然, 小虾米
  • 涼涼 - 楊宗緯、張碧晨 (电视剧 三生三世十里桃花 片尾曲)
  • 金缕衣
  • 为你伤自己的心
  • 繁花 (三生三世十里桃花) - 董贞
  • 在心里从此永远有个你 - 江智民 & 周虹
  • 寶貝寶貝我愛你
  • 不僅僅是喜歡 - 孫語賽、蕭全
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